Solo Exhibition by Marcie O’Neill
Opening Night
Friday 26th April 2024
Until 4th May 2024

I believe my art to be messages that are not confined by the constraints of language or form. Whether it’s through the integrative interdisciplinary techniques of my paintings, the tactile reality of my sculptures, or the rhythm and rhyme of my spoken word performances, each piece is an attempt to map our existential landscape and to describe how we project ourselves upon it.

At the heart of my artistic inquiry lies the enigmatic concept of the “fertile void” – a space where contradictions coexist, where the duality of light and dark, the known and the unknown, finds harmony. It is in this liminal space that my work seeks to dwell, to probe, and to reveal. The egg, a motif recurrent in this body of work, serves as a potent symbol for this exploration. It represents the delicate balance between the conscious and unconscious mind, a vessel where possibilities are incubated.

I invite the viewers to do as they please.

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